In the time of the Ottoman Empire, there was a wedding.

Back then, weddings were pretty big, and also long. People used to travel tens or hundreds of kilometers to attend at a wedding. For that reason, they would stay for a few days as guests. They would normally sleep in really big rooms, on the floor, and women and men would normally be separated…

Between the male guests, there were two homosexuals, and of course, they wanted to do something spicy. The room where they would be sleeping was enormous and there were over 50 guys there. It was really dark… One of them suggests they fuck right then and there… The other says: “are you fucking crazy? They will hear us! We need to knowthat everyone is sleeping!”

The intiating guy asks loudly: “Can someone please bring me a glass of water, I am not feeling really well”. Nobody answers, only one guy changes the sleeping side. So they get down to business…
The next morning, they get up really early, and they see an old man, in his 80s freezing… So they ask him: “Hey grandpa, why didn’t you ask for a blanket or something?

He answers: “A blanket? One guy asked for a glass of water and they fucked him all night long!!! I will freeze to death before I let anyone fuck me!!!”

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