It’s 1980 in the Soviet Union

The economic situation is absolutely dire. Leonid Brezhnev, General Secretary of the Communist Party, calls an emergency party meeting to discuss solutions.

“Comrades,” Brezhnev begins, “according to our projections, within 2 years we will have run out of meat! What do you propose we do, comrades?”

The delegates sit in stunned silence. Then, a lone voice from somewhere in the back calls out:

“We’ll just have to work 10 hour days, Comrade General Secretary!” followed by raucous applause.

“But comrades,” Brezhnev continues, “within 3 years we will have run out of dairy products! What do we do, comrades?”

Silence. Then again, the same voice calls out, “We’ll just have to work 12 hour days, Comrade General Secretary!”, followed by raucous applause.

Brezhnev continues, “Worst of all, within 5 years we will have completely run out of bread! What do you propose we do, comrades?”

Again, the same voice from the back, “We’ll just have to work round the clock, Comrade General Secretary!”

A single tear runs down Brezhnev’s cheek. “Comrade, I thank you for your optimism and your devotion to the cause of Socialism! Stand up, comrade, and tell us where you work?”

The man stands up: “At the crematorium, Comrade General Secretary!”

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