Jonathan died in a violent car crash and his body was horribly mangled

Because of this, the police were having a hard time confirming his identity. So they brought in Jonathan’s two best friends friends, Cletus and Buba to help identify Jonathan.

They bring Cletus into the mortuary to view the body, Cletus carefully studies it and says “Well it could be Jonathan, maybe, I’m not sure. Flip him over.” Puzzled, the police flip the body onto its stomach. “Nope, no doubt about it” says Cletus, “that’s not my friend Jonathan.”

Next is Buba, he also takes a long hard look at the body before admitting that the face was similar but he couldn’t say for certain that it was Jonathan. He also asks the police to flip the body onto its front before saying “Oh thank goodness, it’s not Jonathan”.

Surprised this happened twice, the cops ask how Buba knows its not Jonathan just from looking at the back of the body.

Buba explains, “Well you see, whenever Cletus and I went anywhere with Jonathan people would say ‘here comes Jonathan with his two assholes’ and that there guy only has one anus”.

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