Lawyer of Supreme Court

A lawyer’s car broke down in the middle of the forest
When he gaze around at a distance, the light of the bulb was visible at one place.
He walked his way and found an only farmhouse on vicinity of the forest
After knocking the door a young and sexy lady appeared in front of him
She asked “What are you doing here alone by yourself in middle of this night
He then replied that he’s professionally a lawyer and his car broke down in mid of forest, he then requested her to let him stay for one night as there’s no hotel around in the woods and it’s quite dangerous outside
The lady then told her that the house only has one room and one bed
The lawyer then assured her to not worry as he’s a lawyer of Supreme Court
Lady took him to her room and told that she has a childhood habit to sleep only wearing bra and panties
The lawyer told her not to worry as he’s a lawyer of Supreme Court and everything will be alright
They both then laid down on the bed and the lady insisted to keep her legs upon his
The lawyer told him it’s fine you can sleep however she want, as he’s the lawyer of Supreme Court everything will be alright
Night has passed and at the morning the lawyer was having his tea made by the girl with some biscuits, eventually he saw two cocks and ten hens on poultry, he noticed that the one cock was running around behind every single hen while the other one was sitting calm in its chamber
Lawyer was curious and asked the lady “Why the other cock is just resting unlike the other one, is he sick?”
The lady replied “No, the other cock is somewhat a ‘Lawyer of Supreme Court’ himself”

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