Man goes to a doctor: “Doc, I want to live forever what should I do?”

The doctor thinks for a moment then asks the man do you drink?
I have a beer or two after work says the man.
OK from now on, no more drinking, ever, not even on your birthday.
Oh that sounds hard, says the man, but OK.
Do you smoke? The doctor asks.
Very little, I have one or two cigarettes a day but that’s it the man replied.
OK, from now you stop smoking, not even once a month, zero zilch!
Hmm…says the man. I guess I can do that, I wanted to quit anyway.
Now tell me, do you gamble? The doc asks.
Well, I’ll buy the occasional lottery ticket, maybe once a week. Let me guess no more gambling he asks?
That’s right, the doctor answers. No more gambling of any kind, or even making bets without money between friends.
OK and lastly, do you have sex?
Yes I have sex with my wife every night.
From now on no more sex, the doctor said, not once a day not once a week, once a month or even once a year. You can’t even masterbate anymore starting now.

The man thinks about all this for a couple of minutes and then says damn doc this sounds extremely brutal but you know what I am willing to do it! So, if I succeed with these rules will I live forever?
Well no, says the doctor, you won’t live forever, but every moment of your life will feel like an eternity.

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