Man was riding a bus and noticed one hot nun.

He tried to talk to her but she ignored him and left the bus on her stop. When he was leaving the bus the bus driver stopped him and told:
– I saw that you liked that nun and I know how you can fuck her. Come to the cemetery at midnight dressed as Jesus – she will be praying there. And if you’ll say that you are Jesus she will fuck with you.

So dude made as been told, dressed in white robe and a beard and came to the cemetery at midnight. And there was she praying. He came closer to her and said:
– I’m Jesus, I’ve heard your prays and I came to fuck you.
Nun responded:
– Sure, I’d love to fuck with you, but I’m nun and have to keep my virginity so it will only be anal.
He agreed and fucked her in the ass. As he finished, there was no need for further masquerade so he throw out the robe and took down the beard and said:
– you fool, I’m not the Jesus, I’m dude from the bus!
And nun thrown away her nun dresses and responded:
– I’m not the nun, I’m the bus driver!

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