My cake day joke – A man goes to a bar and orders 10 shots of jaeger. The bartender says wow, thats a lot, you celebrating?

The man says yes! My first blowjob!

The bartender says congrats! Why 10?

The man says *if that won’t get the taste out, nothing will.*

What do you think?

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  1. I’ve heard this before but it was like this:

    A man goes to a bar and orders 10 shots.

    The bartender says ‟Wow, whats the occasion?”

    The man says ‟My first blowjob!”

    The bartender rplies ‟Wow, congratulations! Have one on the house.”

    The man replies ‟No thanks. If 10 shots does not take the taste out of my mouth, I do not know what will.”

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