My wife yelled at me for peeing in the shower last night.

Probably should’ve waited till she got out first.

What do you think?

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  1. Lmao I can’t even count how many times I peed in the shower while with my girl. I usually do it to troll and she’ll be playing twister trying to dodge. Guess it’s payback for farting under the cover silently while I’m on my phone 😭 head tucked.

  2. While showering my wife used to get a mouthful of water or two and spit it on me. I didn’t like that and asked her to stop. She would say “I probably won’t” while laughing.

    Finally one day she did it and I just stared at her “what are you going to do” face and peed right on her. She said “Stop that!!”. I said “I probably won’t”.

    She stopped spitting on me.

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