Old Soviet jokes get more relevant everyday.

A few years into Kruschev’s reign an old man was in line at the meat market. He waited, and waited, and after 3 hours just couldn’t take it anymore. He started yelling “Goddammit! I fought for Lenin in the civil war, I fought for Stalin in World War II! And we’re still stuck in this bullshit!”

A guard comes over and leads him away from the crowd. “Now come on, old man, you know you can’t talk like that! What’s the matter with you? Just think – a few years ago you would have been shot for such and outburst!”

The old man trudges home, and opens the door. His wife sees him empty handed and says, “well, they’re out of meat again, huh?” The old man says “It’s worse than that! Now they’ve run out of bullets!!”

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