On a farm there is a flock of chicken and an old rooster. One day an athletic younger rooster swaggers around the yard taking looks at all the chicken. Then he tells the old rooster that he is now boss because the farmer has decided to retire him, the old rooster.

Oldie: “I’m perfectly able to care for all my chicks and I beat you in a competition any day!”

Youngster: “Just name time and place, I beat you with my wings tied on my back!”

Oldie: “Ok, we race! You see this hut over there? Whoever is there first will be boss.”

Youngster: “Agreed! You give the signal?”

Oldie: “Yes. But one thing: In fact because I do happen to be somewhat older than you it would be fair if I got a small lead.”

Youngster: “No problem, 10 feet enough? I beat you anyway.”

So the old rooster walks 10 feet towards the hut, gives the starting signal and both roosters run towards the hut, the younger chasing the old rooster.

Suddenly a gunshot sounds across the yard and the young rooster falls dead, hit by the shot.

Farmer, putting away a smoking shotgun: “Damn, the third gay rooster this week!”

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