Once in a flight there were one Indian and two pakistani people sitting at the last row. Half an hour after the take-off, the Indian guy felt thirsty so he stood up, took off his shoes and went to bring a coke for himself and came back to his seat….

15 minutes later, one of the Pakistani guy felt thirsty. He told that Indian guy to bring a coke for him from the cabin. The Indian guy again went ahead while his shoes were still in the last row below his seat. While he was returning, the Pakistani guy spits in his shoe. After half an hour another Pakistani guy told him to bring a coke for him as well. The Indian went to cabin and just like before the another Pakistani guy spits in his 2nd shoe.

After an hour when the flight finally landed, when the Indian guy was about to put on his shoes, he saw someone spit on them. Then he observed those two guys smiling while looking at him. Suddenly he went really sad and with a serious and emotional voice he said “For how long? For how long will we keep fighting like this? For how long will we be silent? For how long we have to ignore all these things? How long will you keep spitting on our shoes and we’ll keep peeing on your cold drinks?

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