One day an old man is sitting in his porch when a young boy walks by holding some chicken wire

He tells out “What’re you gonna do with that?” The boy replies “Ima catch me some chicken” The man thinks to himself “That can’t be right”. Well about 2 hours later though, the boy comes back with a bunch of chickens tangled in the wire. The next day the man is on his porch and he sees the boy with duct tape. He yells out “What’re you doing with tape?” The boy replies “Ima catch some ducks”. The man is thinking “Hmm, that won’t work”. Well, two hours later though the boy comes back with a bunch of ducks wrapped up in the tape. Next day the old man is out on his porch again and he sees the boy walking with a bunch of pussy willow. He yells out “Hey, let me get my hat!”

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