One day at the job site, our whole crew could overhear our co-worker Tom on the phone with his wife…

“Sure darling,” he said. “Buy yourself the watch. You deserve it…. Yes, my dear, get the one with the diamonds.”

“Woah, check out Tom, buying his wife a new diamond watch. What did he win the lottery?” One of the guys joked.

Tom continued on his call: “Darling, you’re right. We have the money. Get the BMW… Yes, fully loaded…”

“How is Tom able to afford a BMW? We still haven’t been paid for the last job!” Said one of the guys angrily.

Finally, Tom left us in disbelief when he said to his wife, “if you love the house that much, then make a strong offer… better come in above the asking price.”

Tom ended the call and turned to address the rest of the crew. “If anyone sees the boss, tell him he owes me 2 grand. Also, I found his phone, his wife called, and I QUIT”

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