One day, Billy’s teacher asked him, ” I heard your mom had a baby. What did she have?”

Billy paused and thought for a moment and said, “I think she had a bicycle.”

“Now Billy, you know that your mom didn’t have a bicycle. What did she have?”

“Maybe it was a tricycle.”

“Billy, don’t stand there and lie to me. We’re going to the principal’s office right now!”

The teacher grabbed Billy, and escorted him to the principal’s office and explained what happened. The principal looked sternly at Billy and said, ” Stop lying, Billy. You know your mom didn’t have a bicycle or a tricycle. What did your mother have?”

Billy looked up, fear in his eyes and said, “Well, maybe she had a go-cart.”

That was more than enough. “I’m calling your mother right now!”

Soon, Billy’s mother arrived at the principal’s office. “It seems that Billy has decided to start telling lies. His teacher asked him what you recently had, and he said a bicycle, then a tricycle, then a go-cart!”

Billy’s mother teared up, and through her sobs, replied to the principal and teacher, “No. Sadly, I had a miscarriage.”

Billy sat up straight and said, “I ***KNEW*** that damn thing had wheels!”

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