Plane full of Nuns crashes, killing them all

Suddenly, they appear in heaven and start to form a line at the pearly gates.
St Peter asks the Mother superior in front of the line: Confess now. Did you EVER touch a penis after taking holy orders?
The Mother superior blushes deep red and admits: Yes, I once touched one with the tip of my finger. Just to see what it felt like. I am SO sorry.
There is a loud gasp of shocked surprise from everyone else in the line.
You are forgiven, says St Peter, but you must dip your finger in this holy water to cleanse you before you may enter the kingdom of heaven.
The embarassed Mother Superior lightly dips the tip of her finger in the font and is allowed to pass through the gates.

The next nun in the line then steps forward and says: St Peter, I too once touched a penis. Only once but I held it in my hand to see how it would feel.
Another gasp of horror ripples through the line of other nuns waiting and some begin muttering to each other in judgement.
You are forgiven sister, said St Peter – and bless you for your honesty – just wash your hand in the holy water and come through. She quickly rinses her hand in the font and scurries through the gates in shame and embarrassment.

Then, the very NEXT nun also admits that SHE too has something to confess. At this point, a scuffle breaks out in the line and one of the nuns angrily rushes forward.
St Peter growls: What are doing?
The angry nun pushes forward and protests:
This isn’t fair, if I have to gargle with holy water, I should go before sister Maria douches her ass out with it !

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