Shaun is a tourist visiting a small town in the Arabian desert.

He stops into a shop one day and when he’s finished, he finds that his camel is missing its legs. Shocked, he approaches a bystander and asks if he saw who took his camel’s legs. The bystander squints at him, looks at the camel, and says to Shaun “ah, that would have been the Camel Leg Thief, you can find him that way”.

Shaun sets off in the direction the bystander pointed him in, he walks along desert roads, after an hour he comes across a traveller going in the opposite direction. He tells the traveller his story and asks how much further until he reaches the Camel Leg Thief. The traveller replies “a long way along the desert, you will need a car”. Shaun walked back to the town, found a car rental branch, hired a car and set off again along the road.

He travels down the road until he reaches a huge lake. A sailor stands by his small rowing boat nearby. Shaun says “I am looking for the Camel Leg Thief”. The sailor replies “the Camel Leg Thief lives across the water, but you can rent a boat back in the town”. Running out of patience, Shaun drives back to the town, rents a boat, attaches it to the back of his car and goes back to the water. He gets in the boat and begins rowing across.

He rows for over an hour until he reaches the other side. On the other side is a mountain range. “I am looking for the Camel Leg Thief”, Shaun tells a local. The local replies “the Camel Leg Thief lives over the mountains, you can rent hiking gear back in the town”. Shaun is exasperated. “For fucks sake!”, he exclaims. He gets back in the boat, rows across the water, gets in his car, and drives back to town. He finds a shop and rents hiking gear. He sets back off in the car, to the water, rows back to the mountain range and prepares his climb.

He begins hiking over the mountains, losing track of time as he crosses, and gets to the other side. There he is faced by desert plains, he asks a nomad, “are you the Camel Leg Thief?”. The nomad tells him “no, the Camel Leg Thief lives across these plains, but it will be dark soon and you can’t cross the plains without warm clothing. There’s a clothes shop in the town”. Shaun can’t believe it. He hikes back across the mountains, rows across the water, drives back to the town, and finds the clothes shop. There, he buys warm clothing for night time.

He drives back to the water, rows across, hikes over the mountains, and gets to the plains. It is getting dark, so he pulls on the clothing and begins to walk the plains. He walks all night. As the sun rises, he sees a huge palace ahead of him. He enters through the large doors. Inside is a huge room, the grandest room you’ll ever see. On a throne, sits a man. “I am the Camel Leg Thief”, proclaims the man, “what have you come for?”.

Shaun asks the Camel Leg Thief, “did you steal my camel’s legs?”

The Camel Leg Thief replied, “No.”

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