Six Supreme Court justices, floating face-down in a river

All 6 conservative members of the SCOTUS got stranded in the woods with only a giant suitcase and a couple of paddles. Then they came to a raging river- it was fast-moving, wide and rocky but only waist deep. They began to bicker over how to get across. Kavanaugh, Thomas, and Gorsuch said “We are strong and manly- We shall march across these raging waters unafraid!”

Barrett, Alito and Roberts countered- “God has given us this suitcase and paddles for a reason, it is clear He will guide us through these rocky waters.” The disagreement persisted for a while, and eventually Kavanaugh, Thomas, and Gorsuch got on the suitcase with the others, still trying to persuade the others to do it their way. 15 minutes later, all 6 were found dead, drowned in the river.


What happened? They overturned the case during Row vs. Wade arguments.

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  1. Yesterday someone else made a row vs wade joke, it was nothing like this and had no “overturn” or “case” pun. This is completely original, please don’t delete as a repost!

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