So an obgyn wants to be a car mechanic

A gynecologist was getting sick of his job and decided a career change was in order. Being an automotive enthusiast, he felt he should become a car mechanic.
He read and studied hard, and then came the day of the official exam.
Scores range between 40 and 100, where 60 is enough to pass the exam. The gynecologist got a score of 110!
When the superintendent found out he was outraged and immediately grabbed the tester.
– Do you think that just because he’s a doctor he is better than us?! Why on earth did you give him this score?
– Look boss, his theoretical test was perfect, and the practical test too. I asked him to tune the engine – he did. Asked him to change the oil – he did. Asked him to swap a spark plug – he did just that.
– So give him a score of 100, why 110??
– He did everything through the exhaust pipe

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