so there was this rich man and he was throwing a party and he invites all the people in town including the only redneck, Killroy

They were have a great time at this party.. watching the game, drinking beer and bbqing. Then the rich man announces on his loud speaker “Ladies and gentleman, i have a 30 ft man-eating alligator in my pool. Whoever’s brave enough to jump into the pool and kill the gator I’ll give them 1 million dollars!” Eveyone looks all interested but no one makes a move.
SUDDENLY there’s splashing! Everyone turns around and there’s Killroy fighting that gator! Slapping him in the face and biting him in the tail! Then they dive under water. The gator floats belly up to the top of the water. Dead.
Killroy climbs out of the pool bleeding and limping. The rich man goes up to him, puts his hand on his shoulder and says, ” Well, Killroy i guess i owe you a million dollars.”
Killroy says, “No, i dont want a million dollars.”
The rich man says, “Well, at least take half a million dollars…”
Killroy again declines.
Confused the rich man says, “At the very least take a quarter of a million dollars!”
Killroy says ” No. I dont want your money.”
The rich man says, “Well, Killroy youve stumped me! What do you want?”
Killroy says, “I want the name of the guy that pushed me in the pool!”

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