So there’s these three Catholic priests go fishing at the local lake for the day

While their there, they notice that the fish aren’t biting. They’re bored out of their minds until one of them says something about it.

The first priest mentions that “We always give confession amungst others, but we never have the opportunity to give it amungst ourselves.”

The other two priests agree with him, and they all decide to confess their sins to one another.

The first priest mentions that “Things get crazy at the monastery every once in a while, and I used to be a hippy back in the day. So when things get rough, I smoke a joint in order to calm myself down, then I resume the rest of my day.” So he continues to explain himself.

The other two priests tell them that his sins have been forgiven.

The second priest confesses that “Every once in a while, I do some light gambling when I’m in the nearby town. I should use it for charity, but I have an awful gambling addiction.” So he continues to explain himself.

So the other priests tell him that his sins have been forgiven.

The first two priests ask the third priest to confess his sins.

“No thanks guys! I’m good!” He replied.

The other priests who already confessed don’t think it’s fair that they’ve shared their deepest and darkest secrets, and that the third priest must confess. “You must tell us!” They begged in frustration.

He snapped back “No, mine’s worse than both of what you guys shared. I’m not sharing!!!”

They yelled back “tell us!”

So the third priest finally decided to confess. “Fine, I’ll share my sin… my sin is gossip, and I can’t wait until we get back to the shoreline!”

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