So this young chap had always fancied this girl

All though high school he had admired her from afar. But never had the courage to ask her out.

Come the Prom he thinks to himself, if he doesn’t ask now, it’s never going to happen. So straightening his jacket, slicking back his hair, he puts his heart in his hands goes up to her and asks;

“Will you be my date for the Prom?”

The young lady looks him up and down and says, well I’d want to know that you can dress up smart.

No problem! Off the lad goes to the dress hire shop. When he gets there he is horrified to see a queue a mile long! This line goes down the street and twice round the block. Well, it’s Prom season. So he gets in line and shuffles slowly along with everyone else. Eventually he gets to the front and luckily there are tuxedos in his size left. He sorts himself out a suit and goes back to his crush to show what he has hired.

The young lady is pleased, but says, I want a Limo, I’m not turning up in an Uber.

Fair enough! Off he goes to the car hire but when he gets there he finds a queue 5 miles long! This line goes down both sides of the street, twice round the block and across the bridge! Well, it is Prom season. So he queues up at the end of the line and shuffles slowly along until it’s his turn. Happily there are plenty of cars so he puts a deposit down and goes back excitedly to the young lady.

She looks at the photo of the limo and says Yes! But reminds the young lad that she expects a cortege.

Of course! How could he forget. Off to the florists. And as I suspect you have guessed, there is a quite a queue. Yes, it is the Prom and the queue goes down the street, round the block over the bridge and into the next county. Queue, shuffle, shuffle shuffle, success! Cortege acquired.

Final arrangements with his date and all is set.

Come the night of the Prom everything goes smoothly and exceedingly well. They dance, they talk, they smooch.

Hal way through the chap asks : Would you like a drink? Yes please says his date, I’ll have a glass of punch.

So off he goes to the buffet table and would you believe it,

There’s no punch line.

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