So… two guys are walking through the desert and they find this deep hole.

The first guy says “That looks like a deep hole.”
The second guy says “That looks like a REALLY deep hole. Let’s check it out.” He picks up a small rock and throws it in. The rock goes Bang bang ^bang …. They agree. It is deep. They pick up a rock the size of a bowling ball and throw it in. The rock goes THUD Thud thud ^thud^….

“Wow” says the first guy. The first guy and the second guy pick up an old railroad tie that is lying there and throw it in. The railroad tie goes SLAM Slam slam ^slam^… then a goat comes running past and jumps into the hole.

As the two guys stand there staring at each other a third man walks up and says “I’m looking for my goat. Can you help me?”

The first guy says “Well, about a minute ago a goat jumped down that hole.”

The third guy says “That couldn’t have been my goat. My goat was tethered to a railroad tie.”

What do you think?

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