The King of the magical land Wakanda invited the President of the United States and the Queen of Britain to visit.

When they arrived, the Royal Guide of Wakanda brought them to the Palace.
“I should warn you, the beauty and luxury you will see is unparalleled.” he said.
They both snorted haughtily. Surely this third-world country couldn’t compete with their own riches.

But when they entered, they were shocked. A giant room ran as far as the eye could see. The floor was carpeted with thick, beautiful rugs. Pillars of marble rose to a roof far, far above them. Chandeliers shimmering with crystal hung from the ceiling. Sitting on plush velvet thrones were thousands of exotic dogs of every breed. Servants rushed to and fro, bearing gold platters laden with delicacies. In one corner, a 40 piece orchestra stood, playing the most amazing music.

The President recovered first. “Alright, this place is pretty big. But the White House must be nearly double the size.”

The Queen sniffed. “Oh, if you care about size then fine. But one does prefer the decor at Buckingham Palace.”

The Royal Guide of Wakanda turned around impatiently.
“Do hurry. Surely you didn’t travel all this way just to see our kennels?”

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