The orange man in hell

Some time in the future Donald J Trump has moved on and like most presidents finds himself in Hell.

The Devil greets him, and said he can choose his torment for all eternity.

He takes him to a room, and there is Gerald Ford, he is smashing rocks with a hammer.

Each time he reduces a boulder to pebbles, another boulder is before him Trump says, “I don’t think I can do this forever, I have a bad shoulder”.

The Devil takes him to the next room.

There, Richard Nixon is in a large swimming pool. There is a pot of gold and jewels at the bottom of the pool, but try as he might, Nixon can not reach the pot of riches.

Each time he dives down he fails to reach the pot, only to rise to the surface, frustrated, and breathless. Trump says “I was never a good swimmer, I don’t think I can do this for eternity either.”

The Devil takes him to a third room.

Inside, there is president Bill Clinton, he is seated on a comfy chair, and Monica Lewinsky is on her knees in front of him, doing what made her famous. Trump looks in disbelief, and says to the Devil, “I think I can live like this for all eternity”

The Devil replies, “are you certain, there are still quite a few rooms you haven’t seen yet”

“Yes, I am sure i want this room” said DJT..

The Devil smiles his evil smile. “Okay, Monica, you are free to go.”

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