The Queen and her protection officer were walking through the park in Balmoral (TRUE STORY as told to me by a close source)

As they walked they were approached by an older American couple. “Afternoon, isn’t it lovely here, do you come often?”

“As I matter of fact I live nearby actually.” replied her majesty as her PPO shifted uncomfortably.

“Wow, have you ever met the Queen?!” asked the eager tourists.

“No I haven’t, but this man has a few times” responded the Queen.

“Oh wow, what’s she like?!” The couple ask.

“Well…she’s a wonderful woman with a fantastic sense of duty” squirms the PPO. “She can be a bit cantankerous at times” he adds as he feels more comfortable with the joke.

The couple then ask the Queen for a photo with with PPO and she obliges (!). As they are saying goodbye they agree to a picture with the Queen as suggested by the PPO.

Apparently the Queen and PPO had a good laugh as they walked back to the castle about what the couples’ friends will say when they show them a picture of the man who met the Queen and the old lady he was with.

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