The three sons of an old woman return home after years seeking their fortune

The three sons of an old woman return home after years seeking their fortunes.

They make merry and have dinner together. And before leaving, they hand their mother gifts.

The eldest son gifts his mother the deed to a massive palatial chateau in the French Riviera.

The middle son gifts her a sparkling Mercedes convertible.

Finally, the youngest son gifts her a gilded cage with an exquisite expensive blue-green parrot, that can recite the entire Bible.

After a few weeks, the mother calls each of her sons to thank them for their gifts.

To the eldest son she says, “Thank you for the lovely house, dear. It is truly spacious. However, it is so big that it becomes tiresome to move about with my old age and at night, when the help are gone, it is a scary place to be alone in. I think I should move back to the old house.”

To the middle son she says, “Thank you for the car dear. It is very luxurious. However, my cataracts are acting up and I can’t seem to handle the car very well. I almost ran over a pedestrian the other day. I don’t think I should be driving this car.”

Finally to the youngest son she says,
“My dearest son, you know exactly what your mother likes!
That chicken was absolutely delicious!”

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  1. This joke has a sequel. Which is interesting because most jokes don’t (and can’t) have two independent punchlines.


    The third son is stunned and outraged. “Chicken?! Mom! That parrot cost a million dollars!!! It speaks ten languages and can recite the entire bible!!!”

    “Really? Why didn’t he say anything?”

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