The town drunkard gets berated by his wife for drinking with the money she gave him to get chicken.

With his ego hurt he promptly gets drunk again, steals a live hen from a nearby farm and tries to scramble back home before getting caught. In a bid to not get caught, he sneaks into a shabby cinema hall after somehow calming the hen down enough to stick it down his pants.
It was an adult film and there weren’t many takers, so he finds a seat in the back , where it was the darkest, next to two prostitutes and promptly falls asleep. In the heat of the theatre the hen starts getting fidgety and the drunk half asleep opens the zipper of his pants to let it get some air so that it doesn’t interrupt his drunken slumber.
At this point the first prostitute whiapers to the other one
“Hey this man next to me has his member out”. The second prostitute responds “yeah of course he does, its an adult movie, why do you think we’re here?”.
Now the slightly alarmed first lady responds ” his cock is not like other ones.”
The more seasoned second Lady responds “come on lass, you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all”
The first one responds with incredulity “NO, you haven’t. This one is special. This one is eating my damn popcorn”…

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