There was a teacher who liked to broaden the horizons of his kids in his class….

… he would do all sorts of extra activities like having them smell all sorts of things (with their eyes closed) and guess what they were, to touch all sorts of materials (with their eyes closed) and guess what they were too.

Then one day he had a wide variety of lifesaver candies and was having the kids to guess what the flavors were. The kids had no problems with the apple, grape and cherry flavored lifesavers. But when it came to the honey flavored lifesavers, the kids were all stumped.

So the teacher said, “I’ll give you a hint. This is probably something that your mommies and daddies call each other all the time.”

Then suddenly, Johnny in the class spits out his lifesaver and says, “Spit them out you guys! They’re a$$holes!”

What do you think?

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