Thor cruises the universe looking for the perfect woman.

He eventually comes to Earth. He spots this amazing-looking woman in a club, so he asks her if she wants a drink.

“Yeth I’d love a drink she replies”.

A bit later Thor asks her to dance.

“Yeth, I’d love to dance ” she replies.

In the end Thor decides to ask her back to his place.
“Oh yeth, I’d love to come home with you” she replies.

There they have a mammoth sex session. Eventually, she leaves to use the toilet and Thor is left with his own thoughts. He decides that she is so epic he’s going to have to come clean about who he is, as he really likes this woman.

As soon as she walks back in the room Thor says “listen, there is something I have to tell you ……. I’m Thor!”

She replies “*You* are Thor? I can’t even pith straight!”

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