Three attractive women are on a plane together: an Scottish woman named Nessa, a Latina named Rosita, and a black woman named Ladonna.

The plane is flying over the ocean when it suddenly crashes and falls into the ocean. The three women climb onto a floatation device.

Nessa takes off her clothes and puts on a green bikini from her carry-on bag. “I’m wearing my green bikini because it contrasts with the red of my hair, and we’ll be found more easily,” she says.

Rosita takes off her clothes and puts on a blue bikini. “This will make us even easier to find,” she says. “It contrasts with the gold of my skin and the brown of my eyes.”

Ladonna takes off her clothes…and then just lies there naked.

“Why are you naked?” asks Nessa. “Don’t you have a bathing suit or anything in your bag?”

“I do,” replied Ladonna. “But when a plane crashes, isn’t it a priority to find the black box?”

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