Three blondes die in a car crash and find themselves at the Pearly Gates in front of Saint Peter.

He says, “Before I let you into Heaven you have to answer one question. What is Easter?”

“Oh,” says the first blonde. “That’s that time in the fall when you go door to door collecting candy.”

“No,” says Peter. “That’s Halloween.”

“Oh,” says the second blonde. “That’s that time in the winter when all the nice men give you presents.”

“No,” says Peter. “That’s Christmas.”

“Oh,” says the third blonde. “That’s that time in the spring when they celebrate our Lord Jesus Christ who died on the Cross for us and was taken down and laid in a tomb.”

“Go on…” says Saint Peter.

She continued, “And on the third day he arose from the dead, came out of the tomb and if he sees his shadow there will be six more weeks of winter.”

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