Three village women are walking home from a trip to town…

(Full disclosure: I modified this joke from one in *The Pretty Good Joke Book*)

(Disclaimer: You can assign any nationality or ethnicity you like to these women. To avoid controversy, I’m calling them “Poltroonian”)

So these three Poltroonian village women are walking back to their village from a shopping trip to buy baubles in town. It’s now late evening and drizzling rain, so visibility is low.

They come upon a man lying on his back, snoring, in the mud. They can make out a liquor bottle in his hand, but his face is so mud-smeared they can’t see it clearly.

One of the women, whose husband is a notorious drunkard, leans over and opens the man’s pants. She feels around for a moment, then stands up and says, “Well, at least it’s not my husband.”

The second woman has a feel and says, “You’re right. That’s not your husband.”

The third woman takes her time checking him out, then stands up and says, “He’s not even from our village!”

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