Two firms had a row competition

A Japanese and a Finnish company decided to have 2km row competition as a publicity stunt. Both teams trained long and hard Competition came and Japanese won by 1km.
Finnish companys leadership was shocked. But in this major crisis the leadership showed is value: They wanted to have new competition next year to have a rematch so they could save their face. Other company agreed. Right a way finnish team started to examine the reason they lost. Company created a taskforce. After lengthy examination It appeared that in japanese team there was one person at the helm and the rest were rowing. In Finnish team one person was rowing as the rest were at the helm. After the examination company decided to hire a consultan to solve yhe issue. After experts went through the findings of the taskforce for a few months the jungment was clear: there were too few people rowing and too many people at the helm. Company took swift action and the result was that there would be 2 steermen, 2 senior steermen, a captain and a rower. Also the emplyee who rows got a bonus system to motivate him for a better results.

So a year went by and it was time to a rematch. Again japanese won. Now by 1,5 km. Finnish company fired the rower due poor performance, but the leadership got large bonuses for trying to solve the issue. For the next year they will try design a better boat.

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  1. And the next year an American company joined the race with a carbon fibre boat, and a Korean company joined with a very similar carbon fibre boat. The rest is history.

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