Two guys are camping when…

Hello everybody. I am transalting this joke from my native language so
1 Sorry for any grammar error
2 I hope it s a new one for some of you

Two friends are camping in the mountains.
They are relaxing, walking into the nature, breathing fresh air, chatting about anything they want.
One of them needs to pee and he goes a little out of the main walking path.
He is peeing into a bush when suddenly his penis is bitten by a snake
He starts screaming and panicking :” A snake has bitten my penis! My penis! Damn, my fucking penis! ”

The other guy asks his friend: “Did you see the snake? What was it like?”
The bitten guy:” I do not know, it was so fast. Oh my penis! I think it was a poisonous one! Please call help!”

“Do not worry buddy, I got you! ”
and he calls the hospital

“This is the emergency number, how can I help you?”

“Hello. My friend was bitten by a snake few moments ago. I fear it was a poisonous one.What should I do? ”

“Mister do not panic. You have to suck all the blood from the bitten part and spit away the poison.”

“Ok, understood”. And he closes the call.

The bitten guy still holding his penis watches his friend. “So? What she said?”

“There is nothing to do. You have to die.”

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  1. 40 years ago here.

    Strangely, a lot of my friends did get bitten like that, and they all got rescued from my one most popular friend.

    You should see how much poison he sucked out.

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