Two Nuns are tasked with painting a room.

Two nuns are tasked with painting a bedroom. They are concerned about getting paint all over their outfits, so they lock themselves inside and strip out of them and begin painting in their underwear. All is going well until there is a knock at the door. “Who is it?” They ask. “Blind man,” is the reply. The nuns shrug and decide there is no harm in opening the door for him. They unlock the door and open it. The man says “Nice boobs! Anyways, where do you want the blinds installed?”

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  1. Two nuns were pedaling their bicycles to the convent one day, when one nun asked the other, “Have you come this way before?” “No”, replied the other nun, “it must be the cobblestones.”

  2. So there was a window into the room with no blinds in front and naked wmen inside who were worried about their modesty? Also, why does he ask where to hang the blinds? They pretty much just go on the windows.

  3. A bit later on, after the blind man had finished there came another knock at the door. ‟Who is it?”, calls one of the nuns. ‟Cable installer”, replies a voice from the other side.

    ‟Let him in”, says one of the nuns, ‟I wanna be told I have nice tits, too..”

  4. Why would they make a fuss about being in their underwear and why would the man say that to a woman who still has underwear on. In the version I know they are naked and it all just makes that more sense.

  5. Two nuns are tasked by the abbey to give one of the rooms a fresh coat of paint.

    Just before they start, the younger sister asks; “Sister! We don’t have any protective equipment, how will we stop paint getting on our habits?”

    The senior sister ponders this for a minute before coming up with a solution. “I know, we can just remove our habits and lock the door whilst we paint! There’s nothing under there we each haven’t got ourselves!”

    The other sister smiles at her superiors ingenuity, “That’s a wonderful idea, Sister!”

    So they take off their habits and fold them carefully in the centre of the room, away from any paint splatters, and lock the door.

    Halfway through painting, a knock comes at the door. Panicked, the older sister calls out; “Who is it?”

    There’s a reply, “It’s the blind man!”

    The sisters look at each other and quietly confer,

    “Well if he’s blind, then he won’t know we’ve taken our habits off!”

    The other sister nods and quickly goes to unlock the door.

    The man walks in and pauses.

    “Nice tits, Sisters! Now, where do you want these blinds?”

    That’s the way I was told it by my parents, gives a bit more build up

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