Viruses can mutate over time. Take Covid for example…

It started as a pandemic illness and turned into an IQ test.

What do you think?

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  1. Joke on the side, mask-wearing is probably a pretty good and highly visible indicator of civic mindedness vs selfish-behaviour, especially when the person wearing the mask is clearly not of a higher risk age.

  2. As in, anti-vaxxers choosing to die getting infected by COVID-19 without the vaccine, for the sake of their political beliefs, especially blind, downright *lethal* levels of worship to former-President Donald Trump. Right?

  3. I’m no idiot, I 100% trust the pharmaceutical companies to have my best interest at heart. Pfizer had the largest criminal payout in history, they’ve obviously learned their lesson.

  4. Dislike her all you want, she’s not wrong in this. If Trump wins in ‘24, there will only be sham elctions, fake elections, or no elections. His family will rule for generations. The GOP has been getting valuable tips from other real dictators.

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