Visiting a farm

A husband & wife goes visiting a farm.

They saw a bull mating with a cow.

The wife asked the farm manager.

Wife: “How many times does a bull mate a day?”

Manager replied: “6 times a day.”

The wife looked at her husband and said “…. you see!”

Then the husband asked the manager.

Husband: “You mean 6 times a day with the same cow?”

Manager replied: “No, no, with different cows everyday.”

Husband looked at his wife & said: ”….You see!”

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  1. I’m not exactly seeing the joke aspect here. is he cheating? that’s all I can think of. if it’s poly it doesn’t make sense.

    and I was *going* to say that the term for a female cow was a heifer, but it turns out that’s only for young females. who knew?

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