What weighs more, 200 lbs of bricks, or 200 lbs of feathers?

200 lbs of feathers,

Because 200 lbs of bricks are just that, 200 lbs of feathers you have to carry the weight of what you did to all those birds.

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  1. This is funny because of the pun, resulting from the multiple definitions of the word ‟weight”. This joke stems from a popular riddle, following the format of:

    ‟Which weighs more – x pounds of Substance A or x pounds of Substance B?”

    in which Substance B is generally less dense than Substance A (with equal volumes substance A would‘ve a greater mass). In this case, 200 pounds of bricks and 200 pounds of feathers have the same mass (even though equal volumes of the same substances would probably have different weights).

    However, though both have equal mass, this joke claims that the feathers would be heavier, using a pun to cite their reasoning. This answer is contradictory to the reader‘s expectations, as the reader would expect that they weigh the same/have the same mass on earth.

    The pun in this joke uses two meanings of the word ‟weigh”. Firstly, weight defined as an object‘s relative mass (usually to earth‘s gravity), and secondly, the emotional value of something (eg. someone with a heavy heart is sad). Though in reality the two weigh the same, the morality of obtaining feathers from several birds (it is implied that this would probably be done inhumanely) wuld cause the feathers to have a greater emotional ‟weight”.

  2. /r/theyddthemath how many birds is 200 lbs of feathers and also assuming you kill 2 birds with every 4 stones thrown how many stones are thrown to kill 200 lbs of feathers worth of birds?

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