What’s the difference between a priest and acne?

acne waits till you’re 13 to come in your face.


sorry, this one is old af

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  1. A priest is in the confession booth listening to people confess their sins, when suddenly he feels the urge to drop a Deuteronomy.He knew right away that this was going to be a bowel movement of biblical proportions, and sweared to God that he would never eat Devli’s food cake again.He opened the door to the confession booth and frantically spotted two altar boys.‟You two” he shouted.‟Watch the booth for me, until I get back.”

    Once he left, the younger boy went in the booth and started listening to confession.First a man came in and admitted to having impure thoughts.The boy told him to say 5 Hail Mary’s.The next man came in and admitted to stealing his neighbor’s newspaper, the boy told him to say 10 Hail Mary’s.Then a woman came in and admitted to cheating on her husband, by giving another man a blowjob.Sensing that this was a pretty serious offense, the altar boy was not quite sure how to handle it.So he opened the door and called out to the other altar boy, ‟Hey Ricky, what does the preacher give for a blowjob?”

    Ricky replied, ‟A couple Snickers bars and a soda.”

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