When Norway was occupied by the Germans during WW2…

…there lived a man there who had a parrot, but all it could say was “Down with Hitler!”

Over and over again.

It was impossible to stop it.

One day, the man heard through the grapevine that the Germans was coming to arrest him for owning such a rebellious bird.

So he swapped parrot with the local pastor, who had a much more docile avian.

When the Gestapo arrived, they started watching the parrot in order to get the treasonous tendencies confirmed.

The pastoral bird, however, just sat there, seemingly in quiet contemplation.

So the Germans decided they ought to give it a prompt.

One of them went up to the parrot and said: “Down.”

The bird said nothing.

The German tried: “Down with.”

The bird said nothing.

“Come on, bird, you know this: Down with.”

Still nothing.

The German looked at each other. They couldn’t arrest this man without knowing if the allegations were true.

Or, they could, but it’d be rather bad manners.

They needed to be sure.

So they decided to say the whole line and see if the parrot repeated it.

One of them, a bit nervous, stated: “Down with Hitler.”

The parrot immediately perked up, and sang out: “Lord, hear our prayer!”

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