Y’all hear about the guy who had a gorilla stuck up in his tree?

You didn’t hear about the guy who had a gorilla stuck up in his tree?

This guy gets up one morning, goes outside to get the newspaper and sees this gorilla stitting up in his tree, and he says, “holy*shit*, there’s a gorilla in my tree!” So he goes inside and calls the gorilla catchers.

The gorilla catcher pulls up in this big ol’ pick-up truck with a big, steel cage in the back and a ladder on the side. Inside the cab is a shotgun on a gun rack and a big ol’ dog in the passenger seat. The gorilla catcher get out of the truck, opens up the cage, and sets the ladder agains the tree. He then walks around to the passenger side and lets out the dog, then reaches in and grabs the shotgun off the rack and a big ol’ honkin’ pair of steel handcuffs from the glove compartment.

The gorilla catcher walks over to the man and hands him the shotgun and the handcuffs. He then says, “okay, here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to climb up this here tree, and shake the hell out of the branch the gorilla is sitting on until he falls out of the tree. When he hits the ground, the dog, here, is going to run up and chomp the gorilla in the balls. When the gorilla reaches down and grabs his crotch, *you* run up and slap the handcuffs on him.”

The man suppresses a chuckle at the absurd instructions and says, “okay, that sounds easy enough. But tell me, what’s the shotgun for?”

The gorilla catcher looks at him for a moment and says, “oh, that’s in case the gorilla knocks *me* out of the tree *YOU SHOOT THAT GODDAM DOG!”*

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