Years ago at a small private zoo..

they had a gorilla that was popular with small town tourists and the local residents.
Unfortunately the gorilla died of old age and the owner offered one of his employees extra pay to put on a gorilla suit in order to fool the crowds while he figured things out.

Surprisingly, it kinda worked and people came to the zoo to see a “human-like” gorilla, but of course interest waned over time and the owner started to put some pressure on the employee to perform extra tricks to keep drawing the crowds.

Sadly the employee took it a step too far and decided to climb onto a branch overhanging the lion’s enclosure. He started to tease the lion to draw the crowds but being no gorilla and wearing a heavy suit he started to lose his grip. In a panic, he started shouting “HELP! HELP!!” but before long his fingers let go of the branch completely and he fell into the lion’s enclosure.

The lion who was lying lazily on the ground all this while, suddenly went full predator mode- prowling up behind the gorilla, getting closer, then finally whispered to him softly “Shut up, before we all get fired!”.

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