donald trump hates microtransactions

Folks, let me tell you, the video game industry is just unbelievable, it’s just so sad. Nobody’s been more successful, nobody’s been a bigger fan of video games than me, but the way they’re doing business these days, it’s just a disaster, it’s a total disaster.

Microtransactions, folks, it’s just a rip off. They’re taking advantage of people, they’re exploiting people, it’s just unbelievable. And the way they’re doing it, it’s just so wrong, it’s so unfair.

These video game companies, they’re making billions of dollars and what do they do with all that money? They put it into these microtransactions, they put it into these in-game purchases, it’s just ridiculous. They’re taking advantage of people who just want to have fun and play a game, and it’s just not right, it’s just not right.

And it’s not just the video game companies, it’s also the politicians, they’re not doing anything about it. They’re not regulating this, they’re not stopping this, they’re just sitting back and letting it happen, and it’s just not right, it’s just not right.

I mean, look, I’m a successful businessman, I understand the value of making a profit, but there’s a right way and a wrong way to do business, and this microtransactions thing, it’s just wrong, it’s just wrong.

And the sad part is, folks, the sad part is that people are falling for it, they’re spending their hard-earned money on these microtransactions, and it’s just not right, it’s just not right.

So, I’m telling you, folks, I’m telling you, this has got to stop, this has got to stop. We’ve got to put an end to this microtransactions nonsense, we’ve got to stand up for the people, we’ve got to stand up for what’s right. And I’m telling you, folks, I’m telling you, I’m going to do everything in my power to make it happen, to make it happen.

So let’s get it done, let’s get it done, and let’s make video games great again!

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