Doomsaying But It’s The Fairly OddParents Theme

u/(shithead) is an average boomer, that no one understands.

Science and fact and logic always giving them commands.


The doom and gloom up in their room is reinforced vigorously.

r/Futurology will grant their every wish, if it’s not grounded in reality.

It’s all Doomsaying, mentally ill doomsaying.

(AI and jobs! Xenophobic tendencies!)

Doomsaying, mentally ill doomsaying.

Really mods? Do your jobs. Ban these knobs, you corn cobs.

They’re obtuse, spouting loose fake news to farm views.

Bad takes with proven fakes, obvious lies to inspire hate.

Doomsaying, mentally ill doomsaying.

It’s usually grown out of when you are a kid, it’s baseless doomsaying!

(I’m right.)

#Doomsaying #OddParents #Theme

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