During a very dark period, what was the best thing you ever did for your mental health?

During a very dark period, what was the best thing you ever did for your mental health?

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  1. Made my bed every day. New habit I learned when in a very low time in my life. That one new habit helped helped provide some stability and structure in a pretty shitty time. Idk, just helped my mental health out quite a bit.

  2. I started working out. I hated it but I did it. I signed up for classes and paid deposits so it forced me to go. I started boxing to get my frustration in my life on a bag. I ended up making friends, and it helped me get out of my own head and own space.

    Also making my bed everyday. Just a little bit of order in the chaos of life.

  3. Made an appointment with an online therapist. They gave me one good point to consider, which was reevaluating why I was in my dark spot. Was it situational arousal (i.e work) was it relationships, or was it my daily actions and choices I was making.

    Then I realized online therapy felt like a joke for me and I quickly canceled. But I do still recommend finding the courage to make an appointment with someone, and maybe don’t stop until you find the right fit.

  4. Motorcycling.

    I’d always heard it was this panacea for mental health but I didn’t put much stock in it. Like I knew it was good, but I’d just split from my fiancée and lost my home and was back in my parents spare room, there was no band-aid big enough. My dad let me have a little run around a back road on his triumph and it was like religious experience. My dads had countless bikes and I’ve always grown up around them. I’d always wanted to ride but I’d made a promise to my fiancée that I wouldn’t take it up and I agreed it was just too dangerous and I had too much to lose especially as we were trying to start a family. It was as I was prepping to end it all, unable to live in the shadow of my grief, that I thought why not try it? After all I now had nothing to lose.

    On warm sunny days I’d point my bike towards the middle of nowhere and just ride. Your mind goes blank, you feel like the main character in your story, you feel the wind as it washes all the warms smells of forest and fields over you. For the time you mount up to the time you get off, everything is okay and no bad thoughts can reach you.

  5. Asked for help. Especially when little things like tidying up my spaces felt like a huge task, just having someone there to help keep me motivated made a huge difference. It’s helps to have company to help get you out of your own head too.

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