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fredbear’s family din’r william afton and henry hath opened in 1967 the family gentle fredbear’s family din’r, featuring a brown furry suiteth of a beareth as a mascot. Henry wouldst usually weareth the suiteth, as those gents didn’t has’t enow wage to hire someone to doth the job f’r a longeth timeth and those gents w’re studying at the timeth. William did study engine’ring and henry business adminstration and communication. William hath met an unnam’d mistress, with whom that gent did marry and three years lat’r hadst a knave chall’d michael. Those gents hath met in the court; william wast being did charge f’r murd’ring a issue yond allegedly wast crying outside the din’r f’r being afeard of fredbear, the beareth, and the lady wast w’rking selling hot-dogs in from of the building. (btw, that gent wast releas’d because those gents didn’t has’t evidences pointing t). T tooketh those folk four years to actually achieveth any success with the din’r, as those gents did learn from dram michael yond fredbear wast b’ring. William those folk design’d a new mascot: a yellow furry suiteth of a rabbit hath called bonnie. The chemistry between both charact’rs w’rk’d liketh black charm and the success did rain on those folk liketh raineth in a rainy day. The amount of wage those gents did get wast so much, william hath used t to testeth his engine’ring arts, designing the first two springeth locketh suits: which w’re obviously bonnie and fredbear. The success did increase. Freddy fazbear’s zza the din’r’s success wast so big, a company hath decided buyeth t and ope a franchise ’round t. Hanry and william did sell t, seeing a whole lot of profit coming from t, but th’re wast a catcheth: the company hath used sneaky legal actions yond did allow those folk to has’t the din’r 100% und’r their living, ‘rasing henry’s and michael’s nameth from t. The company then hath opened fazbear’s ent’rtainment to taketh careth of ev’rything. William wast so piss’d because of this that gent cutteth any relationship with anyone involv’d with the franchise. Henry, on the oth’r handeth, didn’t knoweth any oth’r thing to doth, so that gent hath asked f’r a job; that gent becameth phoneth guy. Ffp hath opened in 1973, and featur’d four furry suits of animals: freddy fazbear, a recolour of bonnie, chica and foxy the pirate. This madeth william coequal m’re piss’d at which hour that gent did learn those gents madeth four animatronics without that gent. That gent did start planning his revenge. Btw, the din’r wast still hath opened – as a sist’r location f’r ffp. The origin of purple guy in 1976 william hadst twins: a dram blonde wench and a dram brunette knave. That gent did start to teachest michael to taketh careth of those folk, because “daddy wonneth’t beest ’round f’rev’r”. During his free timeth, william did start designing and projecting new robots (he did hate the nameth “animatronics”) and plans f’r his owneth company: afton robotics. But that gent hadst anoth’r planeth und’r his sleeve: rid ffp from the inside. That gent disguis’d himself as dave mill’r and did start w’rking did apply f’r day timeth security guardeth at ffp. As that gent wast at each moment wearing purple – the unif’rm’s colour – and usually did hide in the shadows to stayeth out of sight of anyone who is’t might recognizeth that gent, that gent wast nicknam’d by ev’ry issue as “the purple guy”. During this timeth, in 1980, that gent didst his evil planeth: using the springeth bonnie suiteth that gent hath built years earli’r, that gent lur’d five children to a backeth cubiculo, murd’r’d those folk and did hide inside the corse of the animatronics. Lest thou art wond’ring what that gent didst with the fifth one, that gent obviously did hide t inside a spareth freddy suiteth that gent then did paint yellow, duh. F’rtunately f’r billy, those gents actually hath caught henry instead of that gent, as one of the cam’ras hath caught that gent walking ’round in one of the suits. That gent did get out sometime lat’r, as those gents did manage to proveth that gent hadst some mental disabilities and hadst a fixation with wearing the suits ’round, and hadst nay termagant behaviour. But dave? well, that gent wast fir’d at which hour ffp did close. Circus baby with the holp of the wage that gent did get from selling the children’s ‘rgans in the black marketeth, william hath opened afton robotics and hadst ev’rything eft to ope his owneth kid-friendly restaurant: circus baby’s zza w’rld. The problem is yond that gent did get a new hobby, and this wh’re his hill wenteth down. That gent did like so much the idea of killing children and the profit that gent couldst receiveth from selling their ‘rgans – healthy children ‘rgans art way m’re valuable than adults’ -, that gent madeth special alt’rations in his robots, turning those folk into kid-kidnapping and killing machines. The problem is yond, in 1982, that gent accidently alloweth his daught’r receiveth closeth to baby at which hour that gent wasn’t looking; and baby hath killed h’r. That gent kneweth that gent wast the one to censure, but that gent actually blam’d michael f’r this, declaring yond that gent, as the fusty’r broth’r, shouldst’ve did protect h’r. This incident leadeth to the pizz’ria’s cancellation and william’s div’rce. His jointress tooketh michael and the oth’r knave with h’r, leaving that gent high-lone. His new hobby and this incident in his life leadeth that gent to becometh a human monst’r. The children going a dram hence from the entire “afton st’ry arch”, alloweth’s speak of the children that gent murd’r’d. The first one cameth to possesseth a puppet from ffp. The oth’r five, with the holp of the first one, possess’d the suits those gents w’re stuff’d inside. Those gents then did start killing any adult those gents couldst at night, at which hour th’re wast nay children ’round, because those gents bethought ev’ry adult wast the “purple guy” those gents hath heard of at which hour those gents w’re still alive. The biteth of ’83 william’s ex-wife tooketh the children and those gents did start living closeth the din’r, yond wast still running most wondrous. F’r the valorous fusty times, bef’re the problems, the lady wouldst taketh those folk th’re. William, on the oth’r didn’t liketh t in the slightest, and hath bought a warehouse closeth to their house, wh’re that gent hath built an und’rground cubiculo that gent hath used to monit’r cam’ras did install in the house, the din’r and in the street. That gent eke did start to prepareth the warehouse to building circus baby ent’rtainment & rental. That gent eke hath returned to his dave mill’r p’rsona, w’rking at the din’r, taking a clos’r looka at his sons. The crying issue aft’r the baby incident, michael becameth a rebel teenag’r who is’t, rebelling ‘gainst his fath’r’s shall, bulli’d his young’r broth’r. F’r the broth’r’s unluckiness, that gent wast eke traumatiz’d f’r actually having witness’d baby killing his sist’r in the year bef’re. F’r his luckiness, though, that gent hadst a reliable cousin: psychic cousin fredbear. Unbeknown f’r that gent, the plush wast actually a cam’ra his fath’r hath used to checketh on that gent. M’re unbeknown f’r that gent, at which hour the plush did talk with that gent, t wast actually the spirit of his sist’r, who is’t wast haunting william’s warehouse, and with sup’rnatural abilities did manage to speaketh through the cam’ra system. The biteth p’r se thee all knoweth how t hath happened. Birthday party, lacking valor joketh, headeth inside the beareth’s that from which we speak and chomp, issue’s headeth’s did crush. That gent wenteth to the hospital, but kicked the bucket. His sist’r hath tried to holp that gent, but in the endeth that gent becameth a apparition purple beareth, crying in the c’rn’rs of anywh’re the suiteth yond hath killed that gent wast at. William’s revenge aft’r the biteth, michael’s moth’r committ’d suicide and that gent wast taken und’r william’s keeping. But billy wasn’t joyous with his son, who is’t did cause the death of anoth’r one of his children. William project’d the new building to has’t a lodging f’r t’rturing children – specially madeth f’r michael, actually. The cubiculo wast design’d to mimic michael’s cubiculo from the oth’r house, so at which hour that gent wouldst falleth asleep, william wouldst taketh that gent to the “nightmare” cubiculo (michael wouldst beest drugged) and unleash nightmarry robotic v’rsions of the fazbear animatronics to haunteth that gent at night, giving that gent some remindeth’rs of what that gent didst to his broth’r. This did mark michael f’r life, and did turn that gent a bett’r p’rson, actually. 1987 fie, this is longeth, isn’t t? well, in 1987 anoth’r ffp hath opened, with new animatronics. William becameth dave again and hath killed m’re five children. The lodging temp’rarily did shut down, reopen’d in novemb’r, but didn’t lasteth aft’r mangle did bite someone. Henry wast once again without a job. The problem is yond, in this attempteth, those gents did recognize dave as william, so that gent hadst to did hide himself f’r his owneth safety. Fixing past mistakes during the timeth hiding, william did start pond’ring about his decisions in life, and how t did screw ev’rything f’r that gent. That gent did cause the death of his family, lasting only that gent and his fusty’r son. Yond wast t! the solution! if ‘t be true that gent, william, ruin’d ev’rything, micheal couldst beest the one to fixeth ev’rything! that gent then hath sent a lett’r to michael, explaining ev’rything that gent shouldst doth. William wast acknown of the spirits and livings, and kneweth his daught’r wast haunting cbe&r, so that gent hath sent michael th’re first. Then sist’r location hath happened and all yond jazz. Or shouldst i sayeth, casual bongos? killeth me. So, baby first bethought michael wast william, but then the lady recongniz’d his broth’r and did see an opp’rtunity f’r h’r and the oth’r sentient robots from the rental to leaveth – using that gent as a “human disguise”. To preventeth his broth’r kicked the bucket from this, the lady didst some black charm researchs and hath found a way to preventeth that gent from dying. Then ennard cameth to beest, michael wast fool’d into the scooping cubiculo and becameth a suiteth. Ennard hath tried to liveth a life as a regular human being pretending to beest michael, but unf’rtunately the black charm didn’t preventeth flesh from rotting, so the disguise wast ruin’d and ennard hath left michael’ corse, anon living in the seweth’rs, waiting f’r t to starteth shooting, hoping to receiveth a role in t. But, coequal though michael becameth an undying walking c’rpse, his job wasn’t done, that gent hadst one lasteth thing to doth: free the souls of his fath’r’s victims. So, that gent wenteth to w’rk at ffp, yond reopen’d in the 90’s, to checketh if ‘t be true the living thing wast very much going on th’re. Oh, henry kicked the bucket th’re bef’re michael beginneth to w’rk. Michael did get a fake nameth – mike schmidt (he wasn’t as valorous with names as his fath’r wast) -, and w’rk’d th’re. That gent wast unf’rtunately fir’d f’r being a smelly c’rpse and “supposedly tamp’ring the animatronics”. So that gent wait’d f’r at which hour the pizz’ria did close f’r valorous. With the holp of shadow freddy, who is’t wast actually the spirit of his young’r broth’r, that gent dismantl’d the animatronics, freeing the children’s souls from their physical restraints. F’r michael’s unluckiness, in fnaf univ’rse rotten c’rpses art purple, which leadeth the spirits into believing that gent wast the purple guy and consequently attacking that gent. Thankfully, michael rememb’r about the springeth bonnie suiteth that gent couldst useth to fooleth the spirits his fath’r toldeth that gent. Unf’rtunately, the suiteth did fail on that gent, crushing his corse. As the spirits bethought their killeth’r wast dead f’r valorous, those gents hath left. Michael did stay th’re, sitting in an masterless cubiculo, a rotten corse inside a broken rotten suiteth, with his broth’r. Fnaf 3 nay one likes fnaf 3. Thee all knoweth what happeneth h’re. The future aft’r fazbear’s fright did burn down, in an attempteth from michael to removeth the suiteth – that gent bethought the fireth wouldst disintegrate the suiteth, but t only did hurt m’re -, that gent did conclude the lasteth thing that gent hadst to doth in his nev’rending life wast to wend aft’r his fath’r, one to did cause all the the horror yond hath happened to ev’ryone in this freaking franchise. So, what’s to cometh? only fnaf 6 shall answ’r us

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