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I’m tired of people lying that their 83 year old gamers for up-votes and I’m tired of people copy and pasting this same joke: “Before I played (game name here), I had a small penis, no friends, no girlfriend, depression, and absolutely no life. These things haven’t changed, but the game is pretty good.” It always gets on the top of the reviews page and It’s on every review page. I laughed the first time but now I see it on every page and at this point It’s spam. Steam is becoming like fucking madghosts now where people like the same joke on 5 different posts. Another one that I keep seeing are the reviews where people lie they have a terminal illness. I’m also tired of seeing gullible and lonely people who want attention copy and paste doge/shrek/bob (all the same, just different picture) just because someone said to do it. It’s not funny anymore. It’s old and annoying. Just stop. Please. This community… \*Dies of ligma\*


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