From the r/Waluigi Submadghosts

Waluigi snickered.
He wiped the beads of sweat from his forehead with his velvet glove and threw out the Marlboro menthol cigarette he has held tightly between his lips.
The smell of gasoline was overpowering and noises of other cars revving their engines had Waluigi nervous.
“I know I can waaaan this tournament” he said outloud, as his servant Toad rushed to him to give him his helmet.
Waluigi nodded at the young mushroom butler and looked forward.
The roads seemed to be freshly paved but lined with strange crystal like hologram’ed power-ups.
He looked to his left and right and saw Mario, Luigi, Peaches and bowser, each in their own mini cart.
Waluigi took a deep breath and revved his engine.
He knew what was to come.
A battles of the finest drivers in mushroom kingdom.
But he knew, he would come out victorious.

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