Fuck the negativity, what are some good things going on now?

Fuck the negativity, what are some good things going on now?

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  1. There are a lot of good things happening now! For example, the world is becoming more connected through technology, people are becoming more environmentally conscious, and new scientific discoveries are being made every day. All of these things can help us create a better future.

  2. Renewable energy is starting to take over. Simply because it is now economically viable. And there are countless other technologies on the horizon that will make the world a better place.

    Ignore the politicians. Ignore the media. Look beyond all of the distractions. It’s there. It’s happening.

  3. Cultured organs from your own DNA are a thing, most require microgravity to retain structural integrity but companies are already set up to move in to orbit after the ISS is decommissioned, so we may see proof of concept samples this decade, tho that time frame is likely too optimistic.

    Also, stem cells have been observed to revert existing cells to stem in mice. Upshot? Stem cells don’t age in the conventional sense, so, hunan biological immortality cannot be precluded currently.

  4. daylight savings time is next week! that means it won’t get dark until after 6pm the way God intended days to be. allergy season is almost over and i hopefully won’t have this pressure in my face anymore that’s lasted for months.

  5. I heard from a friend that there’s a new vegan ice cream shop opening up downtown, and the flavors are supposed to be out of this world. Plus, the weather is finally starting to warm up, so that means more days at the beach and pool!

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