Google Vs. ChatGPT

I need to bounce off of 5 cancerous ad ridden sites with 400000 cookies, decline push notifications to my phone computer fridge and dog bowl, smash the back button until it cries because I can’t leave, and read through 7 pages of SEO regurgitation summarizing the history of mankind leading up to the general topic of my question, the MAYBE I’ll get to the one sentence I’m seeking to answer my yes or no question.

It’s literally gotten worse than 2003 eta ‘one millionth visitor free iPad iPad Dick pill blah blah’ ads. Like seriously has anyone tried to look up a recipe even with an ad blocker?

You’re hearing about Karen’s entire fucking lineage straight from potatoville Ireland and how grandpa Bob enjoyed eating dinner before going to bed, ok here’s my recipie i guess BTW give me your email etc etc etc

Like Jesus Christ I asked if onions go well in an omlette, now I’m mad and my eggs are burned.

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